About Our Company

Leveli Global Consulting Ltd. is a Nigerian company that combines a unique blend of capabilities, including the following:

  • Provision of purpose-trained extension workers for field operations to ensure crop production to specific standards and quality
  • Processing of harvested crops into more valuable intermediate and final products
  • Aggregation of farmers
  • Structuring and sourcing financing for agricultural projects
  • Access to attractive export markets for both raw and processed agriculture products

Our principals have over 50 years combined experience with leading global and local institutions in critical areas that help us to deliver success on projects.

We develop and invest in projects as principals with a specific focus on agricultural produce for the export market.

We have a track record of acting as both agents and principals in production for the export sector.

Our leaders are seasoned practitioners in their respective fields and can support both new and existing businesses.

With our partners' network, we can draw on a wide range of expertise and technology to offer lasting solutions to our customers while meeting our business targets.